View Full Version : Can't load OSE getting error message.

December 13th, 2021, 21:23
I have both the needed free SRD OSE items (the OSE2 Game System and the extension loaded: "Old School Essentials"). However, I get an error message (see attached Log file) and cannot see any of the items like class, items, race etc.

Please advise.


December 13th, 2021, 23:49
The Extension is for MoreCore. Do not load it with the OSE2 ruleset.

December 14th, 2021, 11:53
You don't need any extension s. As damned said it is a stand alone ruleset. Create a new campaign, select the OSE2 ruleset and start your game. Once in the game go to modules and load Alterzwergs SRD. Hop in FG discord if your still having issues.

December 17th, 2021, 19:11
Thanks, working now!