View Full Version : Data error

November 29th, 2021, 15:02
I logged in. I then went to the FG Forge to search for inspiration for my game. As soon as the page loaded, I got a red popup stating "data error" and suggested I click on a link. The link did not work when clicked. I saw nothing on the page except the headings and search options (amount shown, search box, and other filters). After the popup faded away, I started typing in the search area and the popup came back. I continued to type and then hit enter. Then multiple popups started showing up in succession. The popups all stated the exact thing.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I have a separate login for the Forge compared to the FG website?


November 29th, 2021, 18:14
Using Google Chrome with no extensions and English language settings I'm not seeing this. Does this happen to you in different web browsers? Might it be related to a browser extension? Can you give browser details and maybe post some screen shots?