View Full Version : Bug - Forge Rejections and resubmissions

November 7th, 2021, 02:06
I think there must be a bug in the Forge rejection and resubmission process.

I submitted a Forge item but it had some problems. IE I used terms that are owned by WoTC. The rejection said to fix the issues and click save to resubmit. I removed the issues, and click save. It gets rejected again.

I make the changes again, this time being 200% certain I removed everything that was bad. I click save and it resubmits. I then realize that the image had some bad terms. So it gets rejected again. All good. This is fine, as its my fault.

I fix the image, I fix all the items again and now I'm 300% certain I've removed everything bad. I save it. I take note of the name it shows when I reenter the area and it has the "good" new name. However, it gets rejected again (just a little while ago). Meanwhile, I'm sure the reviewer is getting mad because I think they keep seeing the old information and not my new information.

Now when I look at the submission, it has all the old info and none of my changes. Its like it completely forgets what I enter.

Can someone please take a look at it and just blank it all out or something. The state its in right now doesn't let me actually fix anything. If the reviewer reads this, know I've been changing it and not just resubmitting it as is for giggles. I can't seem to fix it.

UID: b18f1dda-3e4f-11ec-8c52-0050562be458

EDIT: I'm actually going to resubmit with everything set to gibberish and you can see if that appears for you.


November 7th, 2021, 04:56
The name needs to change and the image needs to change. Did you attempt to change that when you resubmitted?

November 7th, 2021, 05:37
Yes, I changed both. I changed the image to be 49852 and the name to "RoU: Destroyed area under a mountain (high resolution maps)"

Maybe the name is still not good enough, I'm open to suggestions.


November 7th, 2021, 15:25
Okay, I think I see the issue now in our approval system. The old name remains until the new name is approved. I thought the name was still the unapproved name. The image was bad for the first few submissions, but this one did not have any of the Intellectual Property in it. I approved the "gibberish" one if you want to resubmit the correct one for approval.

November 7th, 2021, 17:19
Thanks. I'm sure someone was getting mad thinking I was resubmitting the original on purpose.