View Full Version : Anyone know a good haunted-castle/manor type module?

August 25th, 2007, 15:51
Hey everyone, I posted this at the PEG forums, but I figured there's a lot of talent in these here forums anyway so I'll give it a shot here as well.

So, need a little help.. I'm looking for a good haunted-castle type site-based adventure.

This is for game I'll be running (and demoing SW for the first time) for a group of players who lean a lot more towards the 'boardgamer' side of the gamer-spectrum. As such, the roleplaying and story-driving will not be as much of a feature as the exploration and the challenge of the adventure. Like a Tabletop Castlevaina with SW powering it, if you will :)

I know if I can get it together it'll go over really well, I just need a little help, some kind of scenario of this type, if it exists anywhere, would be awesome.

If not, I'll probably just pick up 'Expedition to Castle Ravenloft' and do what I can with it. I don't really have any requirement per se that it be a SW module, as I think I can do the conversions easily enough. It just should be good and fun. Any ideas?

Waldo Pepper
August 25th, 2007, 18:07
You want U1 - Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh. You can download it free IIRC from the WotC site since they made it public domain: If you can't find it PM me and I will see if I can dig it up off my hard drive.

It starts off as a haunted house up on the hill type of adventure and then turns into a bit of a mystery as you discover that the house is actually being used as the land base for a weapons smuggling ring. You actually get to head out to the boat and kick some a$$ out there too. It's one of my favorite all-time D&D adventures (2nd edition IIRC, or maybe AD&D) and it would run GREAT with Savage Worlds novice rank characters (say a party of 4-6). It's got a bit of everything including a carrion crawler in the well IIRC.

*Edit* - If they fall in love with it, there are two more follow up modules (U2 & U3....of course) that are also quite good though not quite as good a U1 IMO).

August 25th, 2007, 18:52
Ooof, that sounds like just what the doctor ordered, thanks Waldo :D

I'm a bit nervous cause this group has been known to raise their eyebrows at each other in a "this is ridiculous" kind of way when I've tried to do some regular roleplaying with them. But I think if I keep the focus on the house (or in other words, the 'board', lol) and keep it fast & furious with SW, we have a serious chance at a really good time. Fingers crossed.

Waldo Pepper
August 25th, 2007, 23:11
Good luck. U1 is a great gateway module.

Other games which are great gateway RPGs IMO include:
* In-spectres: Sort of like ghostbusters
* Cats - A lot of people who don't even know what role-playing is end up liking it.
* Primetime Adventures - if they can think of a TV show, you can do it.

September 1st, 2007, 17:12
Agreed that U1 (and U2 and U3) are very good easier modules. I picked up this rather nasty Cthulhuesque D&D module, which is set in Cresh Manor and is Lvl 6-8. The manor is quite a lot bigger than the house in U1, which links more to the local town.

Shadows in Freeport - available at