View Full Version : Combat Tracker & Item Effects

August 25th, 2021, 11:12
When adding a second bonus in the Special Field of an item it doesn't want to roll it when selected from the pop up list. It outputs an error

s'Failed to format error:' | s'No such attribute for rollType: %s' | nil

Also when adding skill effect modifiers on the tracker they seem to work but when adding an attribute one they don't work for me. I tried adding a -1 Agility for armor and it doesn't apply but I can modify each skill under effects.

August 25th, 2021, 15:56
I was actually dinking around with this yesterday trying to create x-stims.

Regarding items, it can only be skill mods and not attributes. If I remember correctly, I had to also put a label in the Category section if it was an item I created to get the skills to work. If it wasn't a weapon, I used one of the existing category types like "Tools" or "Devices & Diagnostics."

The correct format for adding skills, all skills effected and their modifier need to be listed in brackets with commas separating each. No more than 3 skills can be entered in the brackets. A generic example would be [Ranged Combat +1, Mobility -1, Stamina -1]

There's no way to create Attribute effects at the moment, only Skills. Not sure why that is since one of the Panic effects has an Agility modifier. We've asked about it in the suggestion thread.

Also, for effects, you can drag them to the CT or you can add them to the Critical Injuries section at the bottom right of the Main tab on the character sheet.

August 25th, 2021, 17:22
Ok I see what I did wrong, my dumb *** put each skill in its own brackets instead of the two skills I needed in one set of brackets.
I hope we get the ability to add attribute modifiers soon because the armor one is pretty frequently used and there’s a few critical injuries that need it. For now I’ll just add a penalty to the Agility skills and have them roll with a penalty if I need a straight attribute roll.