View Full Version : Crawl! No. 6 Classic Classes Module

August 22nd, 2021, 07:31
Hey everyone,

I was given permission by the author of Crawl! to post a module I made with the extra classes from issue No 6 (and No 10, when I get around to it). Attached is the module which includes the Bard, Gnome, Paladin, and Ranger classes.

In the "Story" entries are the credits/attributions from the zine, as well as some implementation notes (as not everything was 100% supported by the classes in FG.) Overall, I think it works pretty well, but would appreciate anyone else who can test for me, and if there are bugs I'll try to fix them!

I hope to get around to converting the classes in No 10 to a module as well!

Update 8/22: Adding note in Gnome description and Magic feature about spell list.