View Full Version : Error: Failed to create subscription in patch system

August 3rd, 2021, 16:03
Since I unfortunately did not find a suitable thread anywhere and I was directed to write my request in the forum, I open a corresponding thread here:
When I click on the green "Get" button in the Forge for certain extensions, I get the error message "Error: Failed to create subscription in patch system". Interestingly, this does not seem to be the case for other users, as the subscription numbers continue to change. Since accessing the Forge I have the described problem with the following extensions:

Better Menus Extension by celestian (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/69/view)
Extended Language Fonts by mattekure (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/62/view)
Extension: Effort Override by Saagael (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/90/view)
Feature: Ammunition Manager by bmos (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/26/view)

Can someone help me with this?

August 3rd, 2021, 20:45
This should be fixed now

August 3rd, 2021, 20:49
Excellent! Just got the four extensions. Thank you very much!