View Full Version : Dark, adult and "serious" group? Forming a game

June 20th, 2021, 19:39
Hello all-

I was thinking of forming a group to play this as a dark/horror themed campaign without effort to censor ourselves for the sake of our younger players (love my G/PG games just want a change).

To this end I am looking to form a group of players that want to play in a dark setting and put effort into really developing a more serious and somber role play. What I mean to say is; if your default setting is "class-clown" then you would likely not have fun in this campaign and my concern is that it would detract from the immersion. I can either GM the game or play although I am already running a campaign in another system and would really like to play.

If there is interest I can play almost any night after 4:30pm PST on Monday through Saturday. I usually play using Discord (and solely on FGU) but am open to suggestion. Consider this a flare I suppose, let's see what comes crawling in from the night....

August 21st, 2021, 17:32
Definitely interested. i'm in GMT+3 timezone.