View Full Version : Interest Check - What Would You Like to See Added to N.E.W.

May 26th, 2021, 01:39
I really like WOIN, mainly for the reason it can be almost anything you can think of in a game, be it fantasy, modern, or future. It is described as a toolkit and that description is pretty much correct. That also makes it a very difficult rule set to automate, although that does not mean it should get less attention than others. That being said, I hope to see the problems corrected in a time frame other rule sets get, so don't let me down, Smiteworks!

Now, on to my initial title of this post. I like to create adventures, new settings, NPC's, almost anything that is related to Modern or Future times. I recently uploaded a new setting for N.E.W. on DriveThruRPG. It's not only a new setting, but a graphical toolkit to create quadrants, solar systems, and planet/moon maps. Link Here (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/357793/Shadows-of-Space)

What would you like to see added via modules or pdfs or anything else that would make the game more enjoyable for you. Since the Modern rule set may never come to fruition, nor the Old? I am sticking with what we have now, which is N.E.W. I have a great idea for at least two adventures, but if no interest, I do not see myself wasting the time. Unfortunately, my GM days are behind me (too cranky and set in my ways), but I still like to create, so give me your ideas!!

Thanks for listening!!!

June 8th, 2021, 21:42
I would like to see some adventure modules for NEW. I like the game system, and very happy to see some recent movement on improvements to the system. A few nice ready-made adventures would make it an easy run someday with the group.

June 15th, 2021, 01:16
I want to see continued refinement to start with. The ability to easily create modules would be nice. Right now, when you create a new skill or trait or exploit, some fields don't allow you to populate them. I've been trying to build consistent skills lists for my setting (I'm not a fan of the "create any skill you want" mindset implied in the core rule tools). So my priority list would be:

*fix the core mechanics (I've listed the bug about inconsistent/inaccurate application of the Grade/Rank pool limit, for example)
*enable creation of origins, traits, exploits, skills with full population and the ability to create modules

I'd like for WOIN itself to take a swing at creating a chase subsystem like Savage Worlds. The current "roll contested driving skill checks a few times" approach feels too open-ended to me. I've already put together a "net running" framework for my own setting, which I think might be the idea for a general framework. I need to do play testing, though. (I know that's outside the scope of your question, but I thought I'd add that.)