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May 21st, 2021, 22:40
This is an extension which should work in both FG Unity and FG Classic, in all CoreRPG based rulesets.


This simple extension adds the option for the DM to automatically select the token with initiative when the turn is passed. By default, Fantasy Grounds passes the turn but does not change the token selection, so another token may be selected, even if it's not its turn.

v1.1 adds a new option so that players can take advantage of this extension. Players have their own Option which allows them to control selection behavior.
Player Options:

Owned - This will select ONLY PC tokens owned by the player. (Default)
Party PCs - This will select all PCs in the combat tracker when their turn arrives.
All Friendly - This will select on all Friendly tokens, both PC and NPC. For this option to work, Party Vision must be enabled.

This has several benefits:

If you are using the new FG Unity lighting features, by automatically selecting the token with initiative, the map updates to show what that token sees.
This reduces the chances of selecting targets only to realize that you are targeting from the wrong token.

Youtube Intro:


May 31st, 2021, 01:31
Thank you! Despite years of using FG I still mistarget things all the time due to improper token selection. This extension will save me from boatloads of frustration! And it works with CoreRPG Has Initiative Indicator!