View Full Version : Question from alternate Rolemaster combat initiative roll system

May 15th, 2021, 18:14
I have written messages with Rolemaster MoreCore creator (Dakadin) and he seems to be busy to develop rule system further. I would like to help him and now I ask your help (as I am not that good as .xml coding).

I would like to use alternate initiative system called Action Points. Idea of the system is pretty easy, but needs some work to get it running. I try to explain system as well as I can and maybe one of you wizards may help me further or even do that with me.

Few basic concepts need to be explained:

1. Round is max number of Actions Points. Combat Round is 40APs.

2. Every character has certain number of action points which are 100+Quickness bonus (can be found from character sheet) + d10 (rolled at the beginning of combat or after every round, it depends). That is maximum number of points that character can use during a round (combat round is 40 APs). If there are any left over points that were consumed (so called negative points), those will be removed from next round's actions point total (character acts faster during the next round). For example: Character has maximum of 125 APs and he has already spent 115 point at this round. He starts to swing his sword again and his 2-H sword is 38AP...so he uses remaining 10 points from this round and 28 from the next round.
3. Every action costs certain number of points. For example hitting with two handed sword costs 38 action points. Casting spell at certain level costs 60 action points + spell recovery 20+ spell lvl/2 etc.
4. There are certain criticals that might prevent character to act during that round (that is minor thing now and do not need any input atm)

Players decide what they will do and most common actions already have fixed action point cost and most of them can vary (that should not be considered at this time).

Extension should calculate everything automatically and give players information (after they have typed what they want to do) how many points left, what is their next AP and when round changes + how many transfers to next round.

I might have missed something, but please ask.

It would be awesome if this changes order of attackers automatically so that the lowest action point total goes first and so on.