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May 3rd, 2021, 05:37
I hope that folks will forgive my ignorance as I'm still new to FG and morecore.

Basic old D&D style game but race changes things. Example, Str & Con share a common D6, but a dwarf gets the best of 2D6 for that value.
The pages I've read or videos I've watched (information overload) all seem to show how to affect stats with bonuses after they have been rolled.

Basically in our system, the player has to choose Race and Sex (or gender if you prefer) before rolling stats.

Might someone teach me to fish by pointing me at some videos, instructions, and/or documentation on developing character
sheets for this type of system? And for what it's worth, although we still use levels, it's highly skilled based.



May 9th, 2021, 23:23
Nada, huh?

May 10th, 2021, 01:24
Im sorry Im unclear as to exactly how your system works and what you are asking...

May 10th, 2021, 02:15
Thanks for the response, I'll try to be more detailed. I was reading posts and watching some of the videos for using MoreCore and CoreRPG for creating characters,
character sheets for different systems. I was hoping that someone could point me to something that might address me specific needs.

I'm trying to automate character generation for my players as much as possible. Before the player rolls a character, they need to decide on the Gender
and Race of their character. Like old D&D, characteristics are (typically) 3D6 but with some common dice, like Strength and Constitution share a D6 base
die to help normalize (stops things like Con of 3 and Str of 18).

Dwarves however, use the best of 2D6 for that base die and then they get the remaining best 2D6 out of rolling 3D6. Hobbits, Elves, Female characters
have similar bonuses and penalties. The tutorials I watched showed adding bonuses after the characteristics had been rolled which appeared to be the
first step. Once the characteristic is calculated, I can add the bonuses to saving throws and 'to hit' calculations, etc. I know that I can do this by hand
for the few players, but I'm looking down the road to when I'm generating NPCs. I've written many programs, game aids, in the past to do this, but I'd like
to fully buy in to the 'FG' way.

My hope was that someone could point me in the direction of a document, tutorial, video that might help me to do this with FG and MoreCore. If it's just not
doable or over complicated, I understand.



May 10th, 2021, 11:00
Hi Bill,

MoreCore has a basic Race and Class tool. From memory it mostly adjusts HP and XP needed for next level. Everything else is by prompts - "You gain +1 Attribute", "You gain 1 new skill", "You gain 1x1st level spell and 1x2nd level spell". There is no mechanical support for Sex. You could repurpose Class as Sex if you really wanted to.

There is no support for rolling stats in a predetermined way in MoreCore. I dont think there is anything hard coded in for chargen in any ruleset. Its something that a player does once and then might keep that toon for the next 3 hours/sessions/months/years. I cant see a lot of value in coding that up but its certainly do-able.

How long does chargen take in your system?
Ok, Im a Female Dwarf.
Roll a (/die 2d6k1) d6 for my Str/Con stat: 4.
Roll dice (/die 3d6k2) for Str: 5
Roll dice (/die 3d6k2) for Con: 10
Ok Str: 9, Con: 14
So far Im about 90seconds in.

Can you share a character sheet and chargen instructions?

May 11th, 2021, 03:38
If I can't automate character creation, that's OK. Perhaps I'll resurrect my desktop programs and make the output importable by FG.

I don't have a scanned character sheet handy, but here is the character generation mechanics - html files, so remove .txt at the end.

December 28th, 2021, 20:22
Hello Damned.

Thank you again for trying to help, I really did/do appreciate it. And thank you for all the videos and help you have given to everyone else here - I learn a lot reading your posts and watching your videos. I also did look at https://www.rulesetwizard.com, but as I said in another post, I bite off more that I could chew, so I'm going to recreate my campaign with 5e - easier, more modules, extensions and more DLC. I still hope in the future to maybe move the campaign back to its roots.