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May 3rd, 2021, 00:15
D&D Virtual Weekends
Play with professional DMs on Fantasy Grounds at WOTC's official monthly D&D Adventurers League Event. This event is hosting by Baldman Games with their Herald Guild DMs (professional DMs that are expected to run high quality games and receive feedback on their games after every weekend).

I'll be posting in this thread every month when the event is upcoming but you can find the permanent link to the FG tables for this monthly event below.

When: May 7-9th
Check out the list of Fantasy Grounds tables and Signup at https://bit.ly/vddw-fg

Each game's Date, Time, DM, Type of Fantasy Grounds, and Link to the game's ticket are listed in the above link
Please Note: This is a paid event with professional DMs hosted by WOTC & Baldman Games.You must purchase an event ticket for the game you would like.


May 4th, 2021, 05:34
Just as a few clarifications on the event.

1) The event is Wizard of the Coast's official monthly event hosted by Baldman Games - which means there's ton of content that other events won't have for a couple months.
2) The DMs are from the Herald's Guild where DMs receive feedback after each event and are encouraged to run a high quality professional game.
3) This month is feature previews of the Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft book as some of the play sessions along with premieres of DDAL adventures earlier than other events.
4) Sessions are usually 3-4 hours.