View Full Version : Ten Towns Epic, Fai Chen, and more D&DAL at FGCON - Sign up now!!

April 14th, 2021, 18:52

FG-Con Table Public signups are now live!
Featuring DDEP 10-01 Terror in Ten Towns Epic (a multi-table interactive event)
Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire Magical Item Trading Post
and several other tables of games!

If you've never tried organized play for D&D before, now is a great time to jump in! We'll have pregens available if needed as well.

Check out the Schedule and find Sign Up links Here: https://bit.ly/fgcon-al

Please spread the word to your friends! :)

April 17th, 2021, 19:22
We still need some more people to join the epic tomorrow morning for the event to be able to kick-off!
If you're looking for something fun to do tomorrow, the Ten Towns epic will be a blast :)
Epic Signup Link: https://www.fg-con.com/events/dd-adventurers-league-ddep-10-01-terror-in-ten-towns-epic-a-multi-table-interactive-event-season-10/