View Full Version : [PAID] [14:00 EST] (Table 1) Storm King's Thunder

April 11th, 2021, 04:42
Take a stand against the giants in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.
(A Gigantic Adventure for Levels 1-10)

Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can while stone giants have been scouring settlements that have been around forever. Fire giants are press-ganging the smallfolk into the desert, while frost giant longships have been pillaging along the Sword Coast. Even the elusive cloud giants have been witnessed, their wondrous floating cities appearing above Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. Where is the storm giant King Hekaton, who is tasked with keeping order among the giants?


Campaign Type: Episodic
Campaign Length: Indefinite
Game Frequency: Weekly
Primary Language: English
Camera Needed: No
Audio: Yes (headset recommended, push to talk preferable)

Player Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
GM Experience Level: High
GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: High
Roleplaying Level: Medium
Combat Level: Medium
Puzzle Level: Low/Medium
Mature Content (18+): No

Starting Level: 3
Ending Level: 10+
Character Restrictions: Forgotten Realms setting (no eberron or ravnica content, etc)


This game will require payment to participate. Fantasy Grounds is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.


Each session will be 4 hours long with a short 15 minute break after 2 hours.
There are two payment options for the adventure's I run:

• 12.50 for a single session
• 38 for a rolling monthly subscription

All payments are to be made via my website over at Sewer Crew Gaming (http://sewercrewgaming.com) before the start of the session in question. Please send a private message to confirm your payment with your Paypal email address so that I can verify your payment has gone through. After payment is confirmed I'll send you an invite to the Discord server I use to coordinate voice-comms, and we can get started!


If you cannot attend a session for any reason, let me know in advance and then we can discuss with the group if the others want to reschedule; if necessary I will arrange a refund. If you do not tell me in advance, I may choose to withhold the payment indefinitely. Please be considerate to the other members of the party and respect the time investment that I put into the campaign.