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April 9th, 2021, 00:45
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What is Midgard? It's the deeply immersive world created by Wolfgang Baur and the folks at Kobold Press. A grim and gritty take on fantasy gaming, where the fey are scary and a ghoul might be your friend. It's still D&D, but with new race, class, background, and weapon options to bring this world to life. It's a flat world surrounded by the Great Serpent, where gods wear masks to protect themselves from each other. It's where fairy tales are horrifyingly real, conspiracies abound, and mountain-sized Cthulhoid horrors frozen in time stalk the horizon. Dragons rule an empire, and one empire is not enough for them. Ley lines boost magic and create Shadow Roads that allow swift but dangerous passage. Borders shift, empires rise and fall, and status matters. In Midgard, what you do makes a difference.

The Impenetrable Fortress of Dib is where we build characters, learn about Fantasy Grounds and Discord, learn a bit about the world, and go on a mini-adventure to try it all out! This $10, 4 hour session is aimed at beginners. Characters from here can go on to any of the campaigns I run. It's scheduled at various days and times, and is available on request as well. Link: https://startplaying.games/join-game/1617230290249x620394565277581300

The City of Cats Trilogy is 3 adventures: Cat and Mouse, Tomb of Tiberish, and Grimalkin. These take place in and near Per-Bastet, the holy city of the cat goddess, in the desert sands of Nuria Natal. They'll take you from first level to 4th or 5th. Will take 3 to 5 sessions depending on how you play. Scheduled for Fridays at noon, but movable by request. $20 oer session. Link: https://startplaying.games/join-campaign/1617170834091x609488772542496800

Walking the Shadow Road is a freeform, open ended Midgard campaign with no set endpoint. We've had only one session so far, so it's a great time to get into it! Party currently consists of a human fighter, bearfolk cleric (beer domain), centaur fighter, and dragonborn warlock (genie patron). Runs on Saturdays at noon. $20/ session. Link: https://startplaying.games/join-campaign/1616561861964x254974782509154300

Empire of the Ghoulsis a published adventure that runs from level 1 to 13, and will take you all over the world. It's centered on the machinations of factions within the Ghoul Empire, and their consequences for the world of the living. It's penciled in for Sundays at 6 PM but since it hasn't started yet, we can move it by request. $20 per session. Link: https://startplaying.games/join-campaign/1617172161525x653661226210164700

Wrath of the River King for levels 5 thorugh 7, and Courts of the Shadow Fey for levels 7 through 10, each deal with a different faction of the Elven diaspora into the Feywild. You might think the "seelie" Fey of the River King's court are safer than the "unseelie" ones of the Shadow Realm. This might be the last mistake you ever make. These games haven't yet been scheduled - but if your group wants to play one, let me know!

I'm easiest to reach on the FG Discord, as KeithLangley#1151 . Hope to hear from you!