View Full Version : Is it possible to reference derived stats

April 7th, 2021, 18:11
In a campaign i want to increase electric damage based using iz3 strain is there any way or am i gonna have to [@electric damage +#] each individual piece?

Mike Serfass
April 9th, 2021, 06:06
I think that's your only option. Add that effect to gear or characters. Unless you want to write an extension.

April 18th, 2021, 05:20
You can reference derived statistics ... that is straight forward.

However what you want is to enhance a type of damage to include that derived statistic.

Because of the way FGU works, it expects damage to be based on the attack or the weapon.

Your best bet would be to add a Hindrance/Trait/Effect that causes electricity to do extra damage to characters as a global situation which will cover all electrical attacks done to them.

If you want this as a flat out to everyone thing then you need to most likely program it as an extension.