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March 31st, 2021, 14:48
So for starters, I'm new to FG but figured out how to use it overall for what we need. When it comes down the combat tracker though I'm at a complete stand still. So friend and myself tested some stuff out, I popped his token into the combat tracker and the xenomorph (testing the combat system). I get that the alien already gets a auto initive number and PC rolls for theirs. Got it. Now, my issue comes into when the alien attacks. I roll a D6 to see what it does but nothing happens. I chulk it up to maybe I need to also roll on the attack and stats section on the CT to have it do its damage. So I click that and it rolls, shows there was a success for the tail spike. Cool. Problem, the PC should have an option to roll for his armor to negate the damage because I should be able to see that on my end for apply but nothing pops up. And if he does it manually, and fails to do so his health doesn't go down like it should. Is the aliens in this not have an auto sequence like the PCs and human NPCs? Like if PC shoots and hits xeno, I have the option to apply and it auto rolls for the xenos armor and end of turn.

April 1st, 2021, 23:57
Never mind. Read the ruleset pdf. I guess next question is do they plan on making that automatic when it comes down to monsters?

April 2nd, 2021, 10:26
Hi ZatcheryBinks! Xenomorphs are not automated as NPCs as their monster attacks have mix of narrative and other effects inside, so where applicable the base rolls are made but it is up to the GM to adjudicate what happens. For 2.0 I am moving the xenomorphs to their own library and explore to what extent we can automate the monsters, though it is not straightforward as weapon attacks.