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March 23rd, 2021, 03:26
Adventurers League’s Oracle of War (set in Eberron)

FG License: Ultimate License. You only need the free demo of Fantasy Grounds Unity (not Classic)
Game System: D&D 5th Edition

Time Zone: Pacific Time USA
Day of week and time: Wednesdays starting at 3pm PT / 6pm ET (Changed from title)
If new game, planned start date: April 7th, 2021
Planned Duration & Frequency: 4-hour, weekly sessions
Term: Long term, roughly 25 sessions.
Price: $15 per person per session. Session 0 is free!

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No
Syrinscape: Yes, I use Syrinscape for sound effects and music

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
Number of Players in game & needed: Have 4 Players, will take up to 3 more
Character starting level & equipment: Fresh level 1 characters
Character restrictions: Adventurers League rules for Eberron’s Oracle of War will apply

Details of your scenario: In Oracle of War, you play a scavenger, an adventurer who braves the unpredictable and monstrous dangers of the Mournland in the aftermath of the Last War. With your own war experiences still lingering and haunting your memories, you work for rich salvage brokers who pay you to enter the Gray (the locals’ name for ruined Cyre) and track down Cyran artifacts and relics. Everyone has their own reasons for taking on this dangerous work: profit, redemption, guilt, patriotism, revenge, curiosity, or motives more generous or sinister. Whatever the reason or whomever you truly serve in your missions, the danger of the Gray is no less real. Death awaits any who brave the scarred and haunted landscape of the Mournland.

The scavengers and salvage brokers make their homes in the town of Salvation on the edge of the Mournland. In this lawless town, successful scavengers need strong wits, nerves of steel, ambition, and a team to watch their backs. Vast fortunes and buried secrets ready to be unearthed await you in the Gray, but so do terrible monsters and lingering magic.

Details of the Campaign: This is a 20-episode campaign that takes your characters from level 1 to 20. We will be using Adventurers League rules so you can take your level 20 characters to conventions afterwards and show them off. I will also run Salvage Missions in between certain episodes. I also use Syrinscape for sound effects and music along with all the important Fantasy Grounds extensions to beef up the campaign.

About Me: Hail and well met fellow adventurers. Online, I normally go by Vodkard. I’ve been playing D&D for 30 years now. I’ve been a Dungeon Master for 20 years. I’ve been running campaigns in Fantasy Grounds for 5 years. I create and sell Fantasy Grounds products online as well. I converted the entire Oracle of War campaign into Fantasy Grounds Unity and have run it multiple times now. I also stream some of my campaigns on Twitch/YouTube (see link below). To summarize: Do you want action, adventure, excitement, mystery, maybe even a little romance? Do you want a Dungeon Master with 20+ years of experience, 5+ years of experience with Fantasy Grounds, and knows the campaign by heart? Do you like steampunk? Of course, the answer to all of those are “yes”, so hurry up and get to the choppa…. I mean click the Sign Up Link below!

Sign Ups: Click to Sign Up! (https://startplaying.games/join-campaign/eberrons-oracle-of-war-%7C-session-0-%7C-fantasy-grounds-unity-1616894026837x848151553616379900)

Twitch Link: Click for Twitch Link (https://twitch.tv/vodkard)
YouTube Link: Click for YouTube Link (https://www.youtube.com/c/vodkard)
DMsGuild Link: Click for DMsGuild Link (https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?keywords=&author=Jason+Eastman&artist=&pfrom=&pto=)