View Full Version : [LFG][PAID] Seeking Long Term Thursday Campaign - Can Join Today 3/18 - Weekly!

March 19th, 2021, 00:16
Hello all,

I'd very much like to round out my gaming schedule by joining some new, long term or ongoing games Thurdays 7/8pm-11pm/12am EST, weekly. D&D 5e would be easiest to get into, Forgotten Realms being my favorite setting, but I'll consider any backdrop so long as I have a broad race/class variety and a niche to fill in the party. I do prefer starting 3rd+ level, and I don't mind joining campaigns which have already begun. Role-playing is very much appreciated. Lately, I've also had luck with good old AD&D 2e, the system with which I started out!

Have something other than D&D? I'd also hear it out! I've been looking for a non-FFG Star Wars game, but really, bring anything non-horror to the table and I'll give it a look.

Make Thursday evenings not boring, starting tonight! I'll gladly look at joining a fellow paid GM's roster of players. price depending! Please DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 if interested for quickest response.


Licenses: Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Availability: Thurdays 7/8pm to 11pm/12am EST, weekly, starting tonight (3/18)!
Seeking: Long term or ongoing campaigns with plenty of freedom as to character creation options in terms of concept/race/class. AD&D or D&D 5e (3rd level+) would be the easiest to jump right into, but let me know if you have anything else! I don't mind joining campaigns which have already started. Role-playing is very welcome alongside the mechanics of it all. I'm looking for a weekly game on each of these nights. Friendly, considerate player group strongly preferred. If you need any further details, please DM!
Contact: Please DM!