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March 16th, 2021, 06:00
Hello all,

I've been playing and hosting quite a bit of ongoing 5E campaigns recently, which has only heightened my interest in returning to my roots in AD&D. Funnily enough, that's the system I first purchased Fantasy Grounds to play and host with! It's time that I dust off my knowledge (and man, is there some dust) and begin some campaigns anew!

I am going to be running the Doom of Daggerdale module, a true classic of AD&D which can easily and happily be extended into future adventures and modules, should my players so wish to continue playing with me as their GM once this first module and all of its possible offshoot adventures are done. Not to say that Doom of Daggerdale will be short! Aside from providing its own post-main scenario adventure suggestions, you can rest assured I'll be dropping added bonus content into the adventure throughout our sessions.

For those who have never played AD&D 2E before, you should be advised that it's a very different animal to 5E and other, later editions of D&D. With AD&D, the combat is extended and difficult to the point of death being a serious fact of adventuring life. Magic items are rare and precious even in what will be our setting of Faerun. The rules, though fortunately managed in many areas by the Fantasy Grounds program itself, are far more complicated. However, I find a lot of beauty in that complexity and all of the possibilities it opens - many of which vanished in later editions of AD&D.

Join me for the classic Doom of Daggerdale and bonus sessions beyond, and in the long term, may we stick together for many more Forgotten Realms AD&D modules/campaigns! It may take me a bit of time to remember some things even though I've been playing, so don't hesitate if you've also been gone a long while. Heck, if you're brave and brand new, even!

License: FG Unity Ultimate, all AD&D 2E rulebooks available for your use
Game Time:Wednesdays, 8pm-11pm EST weekly (some leeway for wiggle on the day, group depending, but not the time)
Game System: AD&D 2E
Group Count: Accepting 5 players, as I don't wish to slow things down or dilute the attention I can pay to character stories
Price: $15/session by PayPal, or $40/mo, paid via PayPal
Contact: PM here, or preferably, DM on Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (you may need to friend me first)

March 19th, 2021, 00:09
Still searching for adventurers! :)