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March 15th, 2021, 23:20
Hail and well met, adventurers! I've been GMing since 1978. These are the games I'm currently offering. I'll also run what YOU want to play, when YOU want to play it, if I can.

D&D 5e:
Korranberg Chronicle (Campaign, homebrew, Eberron setting, Sunday daytime, will resolve a major story around level 6 but may continue after) The characters are freelance reporters for the Chronicle whose job is to find fascinating news and report on it. Somehow they always end up in the middle of the story, but that only sells more papers, so it's all good! So far, they've dispersed a flock of hostile flying brooms, hunted an owlbear at a festival, uncovered a changeling spy, defeated a gargantuan war machine, taken a symbiotic weapon from the body of a deranged cultist, and are now in the saddest, most dangerous slum in Sharn, where something else will surely happen soon! 4th level, currently has 2 bards, 2 warlocks (but one is a hexblade, so it's fine), and a ranger. Up to 2 seats available. $15/week.

Blackwater Redux (Campaign, published, Eberron setting, not yet scheduled, takes you from level 1 to 5 or 6) The "shadow tar" flooding the alleys and flophouses of lower Sharn has its origin in the Shadow Marches, a pestiferous and blighted swamp. You're an advance team for a covert military mission to eradicate the problem at its source. But this trip up the Blackwater river will expose you to wonder and savagery that will challenge your courage and your sanity. Will fix a schedule for this based on what works for players who sign up. $20/ week

Curtain Call (One-shot, published, Eberron setting, various times, level 1) A search for a missing noble through Sharn leads to street chases, spy networks, cultists, minor crimes, major crimes, and worst of all, theatre. $15

Quorngrim's Quest (One-shot, homebrew, Eberron setting, various times, level 1-3) A mad scie....err, eccentric inventor needs a part to complete his masterpiece, which almost certainly won't explode like his last masterpiece did. He knows where you can find one - in Fallen, the worst corner of the worst part of Sharn. This is a prequel to Fallen Angel, a level 4-6 adventure soon to be offered. $15

Cat and Mouse (One-shot, published, Southlands setting, various times, level 1) In the City of Cats, everyone has their claws out for a mysterious artifact. Can you find it, and once you find it, what will you do with it? This adventure is a prequel to Grimalkin, a level 2-3 adventure soon to be offered. $15

Pathfinder 2e
Agents of Edgewatch (Campaign, published, Lost Omens setting, Friday nights, level 1 to 20) You're new recruits to the Absalom City Guard. Your mission: serve and protect the citizens and visitors of Edgewatch, a newly reclaimed district that's the site of a magnificent festival. The festivities bring out criminals both major and minor, and over the course of this campaign you'll go from chasing pickpockets and breaking up bar fights to facing unimaginable evil as Absalom's last hope. $18/week

Radiance Role Playing Game
Trouble in the Tube (One-shot, homebrew, Terra 1912 homebrew setting, various times, level 1) The first deep Underground tunnel is being dug in London. When completed, citizens will travel in comfort and safety, and horse manure in the streets will be reduced. But something's gone wrong - a track worker failed to return, and the rescue party reported eyes, and a roar, and something that their bullets didn't stop. This is a case for MI-0, the paranormal branch of British Intelligence - that's you! FREE for first time Radiance players - limited time offer

Don't Disturb the Neighbors (one-shot, homebrew, unspecified setting, various times, level 6) Clemence Gastly and her family have unusual interests and obsessions, but they're not evil, just misunderstood. After too many incidents involving peasants, pitchforks and torches, they've taken to heart the family motto - Noli Turbare Vicini (Don't disturb the neighbors). They keep their hobbies and appetites in check (mostly). But when the annual Halloween seance with great-great-great-grandpa goes awry and "something else" shows up in the summoning circle, the Gastlys must solve the problem quickly and quietly, or their nice suburb will turn against them - if it survives. Fortunately, this is the one night of the year they can be themselves in public.
THE CAST: Clemence Gastly - necromancer. Indigo Gastly - teenage witch. Logan Gastly - dhampir. Leo daSilva - mad scientist. Smith - Leo's monster. Olayinka - shifter. Kayin Kuo - Logan's pet spider.
FREE for first time Radiance players - limited time offer

DM me on the FG discord channel KeithLangley#1151 or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/coloradogamemaster

March 15th, 2021, 23:24