View Full Version : [FGU] Using a benny to reroll Shaken/Stunned?

March 15th, 2021, 23:06
Is there a way in FGU to use a benny to reroll your Stunned check in a way that the system recognizes it and automatically applies the result?

Edit: I realized that half this question is dumb since Shaken is removed automatically with a benny. The question still stands for Stunned.

March 16th, 2021, 00:01
Player drags the Benny from the top right and drops it on the Shaken field on his sheet?

March 16th, 2021, 01:36
Player drags the Benny from the top right and drops it on the Shaken field on his sheet?

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I wrote this about Stunned and then added in Shaken since I figured it would also apply, forgetting that a benny automatically clears Shaken without a roll. Doing what you does just spends the benny to clear Shaken.

For the record, when trying to use the benny to reroll Stunned, I've tried dragging it to the effect in the CT, dragging it to various entries in the chat log, and dragging it to the Vigor entry on the sheet. Dragging it to Vigor triggers a generic reroll, but it does not recognize that this is for the Stunned status.

March 16th, 2021, 06:48
I'm not sure I'm understanding the issue. Shaken is really the only thing that gets removed automatically. If a character has an Effect applied to them that needs a Vigor roll to remove and they fail the roll so they use a Benny to reroll and then succeed it would require the GM to then remove the effect from the character on the combat tracker. Shaken is really the only status that can be automatically cleared, and you'll notice, it's not an Effect you can apply to a character on the combat tracker...it's more of a toggle.

When I use the term Effect I mean something from the Effect list like Distracted, Vulnerable, Stunned, etc as opposed to the general term

March 16th, 2021, 14:22
I'm not sure what else to say other than that's not true. You can open up FGU right now and try. Put Stunned on a character and then step through turns until it's their turn again. It will automatically roll to remove Stunned. If successful, it will remove Stunned and add one extra turn of Vulnerable.

March 16th, 2021, 22:36
Right...but that's not spending a Benny. I didn't mean to imply that things aren't auto rolled just that I don't think Ikael has automated putting a Benny on an Effect to have it auto reroll. The automation in the SW ruleset doesn't handle things when you have to make decisions. You might have spent the Benny to get more power points. It's possible it is something that Ikael will add but think for right now if the roll to remove Stun fails and you spend a Benny to reroll the player will need to roll the stat himself and if successful then the GM will need to remove the effect.

Maybe dragging the Benny to the stat will auto roll it...been awhile since I've run a game and lots of stuff has been added

March 16th, 2021, 22:44
Ah, okay. No worries.

Mike Serfass
March 16th, 2021, 23:28
This sounds like a good feature request. Drop bennies on effects in CT to initiate a reroll. You should add that to the SWADE request list.


I think that's the best place to put requests. I'm not sure.