View Full Version : 5E Supplement: The Word of Farland Campaign Setting

March 15th, 2021, 18:41
The World of Farland is a fan-made Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons originally imagined by Ric Baker that has been around for over 20 years, having spanned every edition from 3.5 through 4e to 5e.

Whilst it began as an online project, and still can be found online, it most recently became available for Fantasy Grounds and has begun selling through the website DriveThruRPG.

Farland is a world that has been conquered by evil. It has been sundered into seven kingdoms, each ruled by an evil lord who personifies one of the seven deadly sins. These beings, called the Lords of Sin, hold the land in a dark grasp. Read more details about the campaign setting here.
This product includes:

Info about Geography and Climate Details about the free and occupied human kingdoms Detailed cities and towns of Farland Info about culture and society Calendars, currencies, languages, proverbs of Farland Direction for running an ongoing campaign, plus tons of adventure hooks Factions for all kingdoms and races Lore on good and evil demi-humans The unique pantheons of Farland Important NPCs and monsters Other continents found on the planet A large, detailed map of the Continent of Farland Much more!
This product allows you to immediately incorporate all of the World of Farland Campaign information into your Fantasy Grounds VTT game! This also works with Fantasy Grounds Unity.