View Full Version : [LFG][PAID] Seeking Long Term/Ongoing Friday Campaign - Can Join Today 3/12 - Weekly!

March 12th, 2021, 20:19
Hello all,

This is quite short notice, I realize, and I'd be creating my character during any session which might have me! That said, I'm moving on from an older game and would very much like to join a Friday weekly campaign session 8pm-11pm/12am EST. D&D 5e would be easiest to get into, Forgotten Realms being my favorite setting, but I'll consider any backdrop so long as I have a broad race/class variety and a niche to fill in the party. I do prefer starting 3rd+ level, I don't mind having to create while the game's starting and need to join partway, so and I obviously don't mind joining campaigns which have already begun. Role-playing is very much appreciated!

Have something other than D&D? I'd also hear it out! I've been looking for a non-FFG Star Wars game, but really, bring anything non-horror to the table and I'll give it a look.

Make Friday night not boring, starting tonight! I'll even look at joining a fellow paid GM's roster here! Please DM me soon enough with your campaign info and I can have a character with color and story appropriateness ready in time for this evening! I am a reliably weekly player and in it for the long haul.


License: Classic Demo, Unity Ultimate
Availability: Tonight (3/12)! 8pm to 11pm, maybe 12am if necessary. Able to continue attending any long term or ongoing game which has me at this day and time!
Interests: Favorite systems are any D&D system from AD&D 2e to D&D 5e (bar 4e), as well as any non-FFG Star Wars system. Open to any suggestion, but role-playing in traditional D&D settings of the fantasy or science fiction genres is great. I do enjoy long term, if not ongoing games, where everyone in the party has their niche in which to shine and we get to know each other along the course of our epic adventures. Role-playing and storytelling are big for me.
Contact: Please DM via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - you may need to friend me first because Discord's odd!

March 14th, 2021, 01:03
Seeking a game once again tonight, 8pm-11pm/12am! I know it's even shorter notice, but I do not mind listening to a game while I put my character together, and then finding a convenient segue to introduce myself. Please DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 with campaign information and your price! :)