View Full Version : Custom Power keywords are not adopted, when dragged to character sheet

February 27th, 2021, 14:00
When I create a new custom power for my campaign and use a keyword for it, the keyword is vanished in the moment I drag the power to a character sheet. Keywords apparently will not be adopted from the original power (maybe because itīs just a copy of the original). You just can drag the power to the character sheet and then enter the keyword again, but that is really not practicable.

(FGU latest version, SWADE Ruleset (Playerīs & Game Masterīs Guide loaded, no other extensions)

Any Ideas how to solve this?

Thanks in advance :)

Mike Serfass
February 27th, 2021, 21:05
That's by design. Powers are generic templates. They're specific powers with trappings (keywords, effects), etc. only when selected by a character.

Bolt, for example. What keyword would go in the template? For one character it's a zap (keyword Lightning), for another it's a silver dart (keyword Silver). For a third it's a mental attack (keyword Psionic, [>Ignore #Illumination]).

You don't know until it's dropped on a character sheet. Only then do keywords and effects matter.

February 28th, 2021, 00:01
Ok thanks for the insight. I thought about a power with a custom effect which can effect another power which has the right keyword. e.g. Magical Shield gives the caster +2 to dispel other spells. The effect code is [Dispel +2]. On the other Hand I have the Power called Dispel which has the keyword "Dispel". But due to the design of the generic nature of the powers, I have to recreate each keyword for these custom powers when dragged to the character sheet.