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February 22nd, 2021, 20:38
This is a bundle of extensions created by Troy Monteith for Fantasy Grounds D&D 5E Ruleset. An assortment of products to make preparing for unprepared games easier!

Automatic Record Links helps you find links to information mentioned in Story, NPC, and Quest Records.

NPC Maker helps you create and calculate NPCs, complete with templates to help you modify NPCs on the fly.

Random Encounter Generator has filters and fields to narrow down NPCs and create an appropriate encounter for your party. Fill biomes with maps and NPCs for more specific needs pull up maps when making an encounter. Pairs with the NPC Maker to make random NPCs, and can pair with the Clock Adjuster found on the forums to generate an encounter while traveling.

Clock Adjuster (Free) (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?57561-Utility-Clock-Adjuster)

NPC Random Treasure Drops adds Random Treasure Parcels and buttons to generate loot from your NPCs, encounters and combats. Modify tables to be rolled when looting.

Random Spellbook Generator has filters and fields to narrow down spells to generate an Item record as a spellbook to give to players. Pairs with the NPC Random Treasure Drops to build loot from wizard NPCs.