View Full Version : NPC special abilities in Sundered Skies / Fantasy Companion won't open

February 20th, 2021, 09:38
Summary: Special abilities within an NPC definition from the Sundered Skies module,Sundered Skies Companion or the Fantasy Companion will not open when clicked.

Ruleset(s): Savage Worlds Deluxe

New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign: New campaign


Modules Loaded:Sundered Skies, Sundered Skies Companion, Fantasy Companion

Operating System / Language Setting:Windows 10 64 bit, English

Steps to Reproduce: Start Fantasy Grounds and create a new module using the Savage Worlds setting and the modules listed above.
When FG has loaded click on the NPC tab and open an NPC which is derived from one of the loaded modules
Notice that when you mouse over that NPCs special abilities that the cursor does not change to indicate they can be clicked and that clicking on the ability does not open the definition for that special ability.
Note also that this does NOT happen with the NPCs from the core SWD rulebook.

Moon Wizard
February 20th, 2021, 21:26
Just passed this on to the DLC developer. I don't think those links were ever part of this material; as this is one of the older products in the SW catalog.


February 21st, 2021, 08:27
When the module was created the functionality did not exist to do it, you used to have look at the Text tab for the descriptions.