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February 17th, 2021, 21:44
Hey Everyone! I'll be keeping this thread updated highlighting Fantasy Grounds Based Tables at this event that still need players. Here is the info for February.

Looking for a game this weekend? D&D Virtual weekends is this weekend and we have some amazing DMs running FG at these events.
About: Virtual Weekends is Wizards of the Coast’s official monthly D&D program where top tier DMs run engaging games, often with mods that are new premieres, for participants.
**Please note this is not a free event. I’m posting to call attention to the Fantasy Grounds Based Tables present at the event.

Febuary Tables
Open Tables: These are tables that could still use some players this weekend.
Tier 1 (Levels 1-4)
DM. Tim
Table #55 - DDAL 10-04 Cold Benevolence - Fantasy Grounds – Unity - Sat, Feb 20, 9:00 AM (EST)
Tier 2 (Levels 5-10)
DM Belinda B.
Table #123 - DDAL 10-06 The Fallen Star - Fantasy Grounds - Unity on Sat, 2/20 at 7pm EST
Table #199 - DDAL 10-06 The Fallen Star - Fantasy Grounds - Unity on Sun, 2/21 at 7pm EST

Link: https://yawningportal.dnd.wizards.com/virtual-dd-weekends-february-2021/