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February 17th, 2021, 06:30
Some creature have [@Invulnerability] ability and the damage are reduced to a shaken result.
But what if a player have an attack to bypass the invulnerability (magic, metal blade weapon, etc)...?
Is there an effect to remove the invulnerability? I've try Ignore Invulnerability.. with many different variants of > # and @ with no success...
So far, it's easier to remove the effect from the creature sheet and manage it manually by ignoring damage in the combat tracker when invulnerable to a specific attack.

Also, in Deadland the Wild West, NPC Sin Eater should have 8 in Toughness instead of 1.


Mike Serfass
February 17th, 2021, 07:16
Use the @Normal effect and keywords on weapons and powers. It can be used with the @Invulnerability effect or separately. And you need "Damage" after the damage type.

For instance, a werewolf would have [@Invulnerability, @Normal Silver Damage].

If the creature has only the invulnerability on the character sheet, add [@Normal Silver Damage] to the character sheet. Putting it in the notes of a hindrance works well.
Or, add [@Normal Silver Damage] as an effect on the werewolf in combat tracker. That works for creatures in modules that you can't edit.

On the PC's weapon or power, add Silver in the keywords text box.

You can use any keyword. Even Mushroom [@Invulnerability, @Normal Mushroom Damage]
You can also use the built-in keywords Melee, Ranged, Thrown, and Arcane.

There's also @Halve, which works like @Normal. And @Double.
[@Invulnerability, @Halve Melee Damage] would be invulnerable to everything but takes half damage from melee attacks.
[@Invulnerability, @Double Ranged Damage] would be invulnerable to everything but takes double damage from shooting attacks.

[@Invulnerability, @Double Arcane|Mushroom Damage] means it's invulnerable to everything but takes double from spells and mushrooms.
[@Invulnerability, @Double Mushroom|Thrown Damage] means throwing mushrooms will really hurt. (A great use of Athletics!)

February 17th, 2021, 15:21
Thanks alot! I will try this for next game session... there's a lot of those invulnerable creatures in Deadlands the Wild west! :-)

February 17th, 2021, 19:38
Alternatively after rolling damage, the GM can right click on the pending damage entry in combat tracker and select to disable/enable vulnerability.

February 17th, 2021, 21:34
Ho! Never seen the option menu with right-clicking! Thanks!