View Full Version : Player tokens are not removed from the map

February 11th, 2021, 12:46

In testing some encounters for my Rippers Resurrected Campaign, I recognized that the player tokens were not removed from the map after removing the players from the CT. Of course, I dragged the players from the CT to the map before. The NPC tokens (added per Encounter) work like expected.

I tested in Rippers Resurrected (PG & GM) with the Rippers Setting loaded in FGU latest version and SWADE Ruleset.

Thanks in advance :)

February 11th, 2021, 16:47
Try without Rippers loaded, as I am almost certain this isn't a Rippers problem.

February 11th, 2021, 18:52
I tried it also in a newly created Campaign just with Swade Ruleset loaded and the problem still remains. If you drag a player from the ct to a map (double-click on the token opens the character sheet) and then delete the player from the ct, the player token on the map remains and you cannot double click the token to open the character sheet any longer. The link to player character seems lost.

February 11th, 2021, 19:31
I almost never remove PCs from the CT. Once we are done with a map I just right click on a token and remove all. I guess it should delete them from the map if they are removed from the CT though

February 11th, 2021, 20:10
You are absolutley right. I also often delete all tokens after finishing a map. But last time after testing an encounter, I removed all actors (pcs and npcs alike) from the ct and just wondered why the player tokens remain on the map and the npc tokens do not, although the linked pcs/npcs were removed from the ct. I can remember, that it worked well some time ago. Itīs no big deal, because itīs seldom used but itīs definitely an error.