View Full Version : Archetypes can't have potraits

February 5th, 2021, 15:15
I tried to create Archetypes to use for my Deadlands games but if I pull a potrait at the spot the token changes, the potrait stays black.
When I copied the archetype into PC and added a potrait that worked. But pulling it back to archetypes looses the potrait and now gives me the Error: Object (DATABASENODE) deleted without cleaning up attached Lua object.
it feels like I get the error now sometime in other campaigns.
I had open:
DLWW and Companion
Deadlands Theme
Hope someone can help me
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February 5th, 2021, 16:09
Not sure other systems but I think that is correct

February 5th, 2021, 17:10
Ok so its expected behaviour that Archetypes can't have potraits...why?

February 5th, 2021, 17:39
Characters have portraits. Archetypes are not characters, they're partial pregen datatypes that can be made into a character or NPC. That's why.
Drag an archetype record into the character window to create a character based on that archetype, then you can give it a portrait/token.