View Full Version : Savage world super Moon elf build help

February 4th, 2021, 19:08
Hey all so sadly my character sold his souls to save the party and he was trapped in hell.

So I’m making a new Moon Elf portal user. All his powers are based around summoning portals like deflect, teleportation, invisibility.

But I want to make sure I do the elf build right. So far I took the edge that’s gives me +2 to notice and also the power to enhance my vision and hearing. Along with ageless.

Does anyone else have any suggestions to go with an elf? Oh and I took the beast edge and have a little sugar glider for an animal companion.

This takes place in the equivalent of the real world but everyone has super powers. (https://19216801.onl/) routerlogin (https://routerlogin.uno/) 192.168.l.l (https://192168ll.link/)

Savage world supers 2nd Ed.i have one to two edges and max 4 pp to build the elf part.

February 5th, 2021, 01:59
Hmm, depending on your GM you could take Elf as Race possibly. Unless you mean you are a human with that kinda theme I guess.

If you only have 4 PP left there isn't alot else to take. Going to guess have stuff besides the five listed.

Energy Control
Damage Field
Super Sorcery
Extra Actions