View Full Version : Is there a way to programmatically populate one of the list_text controls?

February 3rd, 2021, 22:51
Hey all - I haven't yet looked, was just daydreaming at work and wondered if there is a method used in MoreCore or a derived extension where you can on page load pre-populate some of the list_text controls with rolls?

I BELIEVE Damned mentioned this as something a ruleset he knew about did - it was in reference to another question I asked but now, it got me thinking that maybe I can do something with that. Like customize some of my rolls before they are added.

But... that relies on my memory being right about Damned mentioning someone did this before... and my memory ;) hmmm....

It HIT ME ... L5R - that's the one that predefined skills and loaded them when you created a character. Not exactly what I was looking to do (but I might do THAT too on later pass - right now, I rely on "Pregen Charsheet" that ppl open like a Pregen character and rename.

I was looking for something and this will probably show me the tricks (at a glance it was pretty obvious - just update ALL the db fields - and here I was thinking it was some sort of Drag & Drop spoof ;P the simple answer is best.)