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February 3rd, 2021, 20:55
I have the geomorphic tile sets from the Kickstarter, which included pdfs of the tiles. Can I use those with Fantasy Grounds, or do I need to purchase the map tiles separately from the store?

Thank you

February 3rd, 2021, 20:57
Welcome to the FG forums.

You can't use the PDFs directly. But you can extract the images from the PDFs, reduce the size if needed and save as JPG file, and then import those JPG files into FG.

EDIT: Checking my Kickstarter files, there were FT and HT folders (Full Tile or Half Tile - although you have to combine two files to create the full tile) provided with JPG files, that you can use as is - although I usually reduce the size to 1000x1000 for the full tiles - to reduce memory use and share to players time.