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February 2nd, 2021, 21:32
Hello all, I just started on NPCs for my MoreCore ruleset with the intent of adding or coopting fields I need for my ruleset.

One thing, from the basic sheet is that I wanted to understand current use/intent. We have (subset):

Attacks - I just started on this field and see that it is one that gets parsed. I also noticed I probably am not putting in the right info on my test since it only seems to parse out the FIRST dice string, like "Spear (1d6); Dagger (1d4)" I threw in to test. But I'll look at the code and maybe figure what did wrong. Is there an expected pattern to look for off the top of your heads? I SUCK at reading LUA regex (and pretty bad at normal regex ;P) it takes me quite a bit to figure them out - no idea why I have this block. But that's on me.
[EDIT]: ===> My mistake was the "()" I didn't put one on the first and did on the second (how did I NOT notice that) where I thought I had parens on both. OK - sans parens it works.
So - what should go here? vs putting attack rolls in Rolls CLI section?

Special - Same - any idea how people planned to use this field?
Rolls - What do we envision going in this slot?
Equipment/Languages - The both seem pretty clear.
The CLILISTS, again seem pretty clear - they work like the character sheet to hold rolls and attributes.

PS - if anyone want to drag-drop enable their rolls in MoreCore and not sure how - I just went through that - posted in Trenloe's excellent "understanding Actions" (rolls) thread pinned in Workshop. If the example modified custom_thac0.lua file is not helpful - hit me up. I recently had to do it. (AND, for my code I had to add several regex :( hehe - the simplest of which I transferred to the thac0 one I listed. I wasn't working on that one but mine was based off MoreCore's THAC0 roller so I back ported for the example.)

[EDIT2]: Since NOT sure how to correctly use "Attacks" strings, I am not sure my test change is a good thing - but I made it so it worked if we put parens around the die rolls like:
Spear (1d6); Dagger (1d4); Club 1d6+1

February 2nd, 2021, 23:29
Put everything in Rolls.
Rolls have so much more power than Attacks.
Attacks is only retained for backward compatibility.

Yes you can do things like:
Spear [A] 1d20+2, Spear [D] 1d6+2,

February 3rd, 2021, 00:52
AWESOME :) just tried that. Glad I asked about it. Didn't know about the magic [A] and [D].

Don't get me wrong, I am still removing most of those fields in my override to just have HP/Wounds/THAC0/Init/AC then the CTRolls and others CLILists to keep it simpler for my simple ruleset. I will add things like languages etc to the "notes" section instead. Will check the monster list for any other useful fields, if any, that should be on main page.

February 3rd, 2021, 02:21
There is no magic in [A] and [D].
Attacks were a big jump on CoreRPG - they would report targets and you could put any standard dice size thingy in them.
But that is all.
I used the [A] and [D] to highlight to me which roll was Attack and which was Damage - no magic.
Once Rolls became a thing it quickly became clear that Rolls was the future and Rolls have improved in so many ways.
Ignore Attacks unnles there is something specific that they do for you.
Feel free to remove them from the Charsheet, NPCsheet and Combat Tracker in your extension.