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January 28th, 2021, 02:49
Questions about Savage Worlds Supers Power Building

So, i'm new to Savage Worlds and decided to teach myself the system so that I could run it for my group in the future. I've started with character creation in Supers and am starting by building my powers and then building my character around them.

So, notes on creation, I decided to make a Seasoned Street Fighter character as it reflects the level of game I want to run and my Concept is Archer Assassin. After doing some reading I decided to create a Power Array using the Switchable modifier to represent having utility arrows. I spent some time building the Basic arrow attack, then decided on having 2 additional arrows. An Explosive Arrow and a Stun Arrow.

This is what I built:

Basic Arrow lvl 3 (Cost: 6+4=10) 2/lvl+4 Switchable

2/lvl Attack, Ranged

+2/lvl Armor Piercing +4

+3/lvl Rate of Fire

-1/lvl Lethal

-2/lvl Requires Material (Arrow)

-2/lvl Device (Bow)

+4 Switchable (Two Powers)

Explosive Arrow lvl 2 (Cost: 6) 3/lvl

2/lvl Attack, Ranged

+2/lvl Area Effect (Medium)

+4/lvl Enhanced Damage

-2/lvl Requires Materials (Arrow)

-2/lvl Device (Bow)

-1/lvl Slow to Activate

Stun Arrow (Cost: 1)

2/lvl Stun

+1/lvl Projectile (linked to Basic Arrow)

+2/lvl Area Effect (Medium)

-2/lvl Requires Materials (Arrow)

-2/lvl Device (Bow) (https://100001.onl/) (https://1921681254.mx/)

Okay. So.. first, opinions on that build? I wanted all of the Arrows to actually be dependent on him carrying that number of arrows with his quiver having a Hawkeye-like arrowhead system.

Now two additional things, and these are my questions.

While shopping for Edges I noticed 'The Best There Is'. Figuring the ow and Arrow was the defining point of the character, I'm toying with the idea of taking that and upgrading his Arrows. Any suggestions on how I should do that, keeping in mind that i'm not trying to overpower the character (for the Basic Arrow, I want the Damage to remain the same, and I'm thinking maybe increasing the Range and Armor Piercing. Also, I want to add at the least, Heavy Weapon to the explosive arrow to make it more effective against vehicles). Ideas?

While researching the first question, I stumbled onto Extra Action. I'm curious if, instead of having Rate of Fire on the bow, would it make more sense to use Extra Action to acheive the same effect? Though I want to limit the Extra Action to only being usable on Shooting rolls, but I'm not positive how to go about that. Like common sense seems to say use the Limitation Modifier, but Contingent seems to make about as much sense. What do you guys think?

February 2nd, 2021, 01:35
First a good place to play around at would be https://savaged.us/ they have a character builder there with super power stuff.

Had a thought after a fair bit of typing, using Adventure Edition or Deluxe Edition. This is important cause SPC was written for Deluxe and can run into some oddities when using Adventure (my group can testify.)

Going to guess that the Explosive Arrow and the Stun Arrow are the alternate powers of the Basic Arrow? They both have 10 points to be built with, the 4 points that were put into "Switchable" are already paid for with original power.

With the Explosive Arrow, as a reminder Heavy Weapons require Heavy Armor to soak, so extras without Heavy armor will die in droves (Curse you Armageddon, curse you!!!), if you simply want anti-vehilcular/anti-material stuff, you can also take FOCUS.

EXTRA ACTION vs. Rate of Fire, If you are using SWADE, RoF is slightly less useful as I have been running it as negating Multi-action penalty for shooting. Extra Action can be used to do anything without incurring a Multi-Action penalty and is a potent ability.

Another option to consider is that you can use INVENT to create arrows, ahead of time or with short prep on the fly, and give the character a STACKABLE modifier so as to make "trick" arrows. There is also POWER TRICKS, which can be used for similar effect.