View Full Version : Seeking DM {Paid $20 / hour} FG, DnD 5E [SUNDAY mornings CST] family game w/kids

January 27th, 2021, 03:44
The position is filled. Thank you all for your messages.

Payment: Offering ($20 / hour) of game session [or fraction thereof]:

We will keep a running account balance during each session. You will be paid via Paypal or by any other agreed upon means at the end of every session. For example, doing the math, running the game for 4 hours = ($20 * 4) = $80 for that session. I will pay the whole tab.


- Paid per session for FG or FGU driven DnD, 5e campaign starting (maybe) in ~February or March, 2021?

- No commitment to continue the sessions on either side. You are as free to quit as we are.

- Start with a short 4 or 5 session learning campaign. If we are all having fun and want to continue, please have an expansion in your back pocket to extend your campaign for a year or more.

- One session per week on SUNDAY morning Central Time, USA. 3-4 hours per session. Try not to end a session in combat because we won’t know who (or how many) are showing up for the next session.

- Discord voice communication (not recorded please)

- Family will mostly be on “Push-to talk.” Please be tolerant of occasional background noise from the family’s non-participating, younger children.

- Video optional (not recorded please)

What to expect:

~2-3 dads, ~0-2 moms (maybe), and ~2-4 children ages 11, 7, and 6. A responsible parent will always be present.

We will send pre-made FG characters to you using either the Standard Stats (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or a 27 point buy. Let us know what Handbooks you like, and we will pick from those options only. The parents will help their children make leveling decisions.

- Expect each household to play from a single computer. Maximum of three households logging on.

- The DM needs an Ultimate license for FG or FGU.

- We expect to develop a long-term friendship with the DM. Knowing about you and your life is important too. If you want to make a character (another guard) and play along with us, that is fine. While you are making it fun for us, we want it to be fun for you also.

- All players (even the 6-year old) has played online computer games such as World of Warcraft, DnD Online, and Neverwinter Online. Everyone is used to dying and re-spawning, so a wipe is not a problem.

- Three of the players are experienced in playing face-to-face DnD and Pathfinder.

- Not everyone will show up every session. We would like to continue playing with as few as 4 players. I would expect an average of 6 to show up regularly.

- Do not expect a well-balanced party with the correct food groups: (tank, wizard, cleric, rogue). Instead, expect a random set of characters that may or may not have a full set of complementary skills. We will see who comes to the party? It is likely the girls will play “Elsa” like Divine Soul Sorcerers, and the Prince may be a Wizard. We could be very squishy.

- Expect the party to be Good alignment generally. The theme of the campaign should seek a “Good” outcome.

- The family is all related to each other and won’t stab each other and will generally work together towards a common goal.

- Two of the Three households have never played FG or FGU and will need some assistance learning.

- Family is LBGT friendly and split 50-50 politically (but we never talk about politics and do not want to talk politics in-game). If any player forgets and makes a political joke, please ignore it because the rest of us are trying to ignore it too. For repeat offenders, a lightning bolt may be needed.


Imagine a campaign for a desperate Kingdom. Due to strain on the Kingdom, and the troubles afflicting the world, the King’s only hope and only available resource is his younger children (a Prince and 2 Princesses). To accompany the young royalty, the King spares a few guards (the parents) from his small castle garrison.

The campaign puzzles and conflicts should be beginner level that the kids can figure out on their own without help from their parents. The battles should be easy enough that the kids can move themselves and direct the actions of their guards (the parents). The parents will role-play as dumb guards or support classes who look up to the Royals for leadership and problem solving.

A campaign that spotlights the children as the party leaders would be fun.

Our Rules:

- No swearing during sessions (if possible).

- The DM will Limit NPC sexual conduct, drug use, crime, and drinking themes to typical PG level movie content. Our family is used to having children present.

Courtesy Rule:

Please let us know as early as you can if you need to reschedule a session. Likewise, we will do the same.

January 28th, 2021, 03:42
I don't have the availability to run this game for you, but just wanted to note that I love that concept and it's great seeing so many young people getting into D&D either on their own or with their parents. Two of the games I run have father/son duos. I commend your younger kids for having attention spans for 4-hour game sessions!

January 29th, 2021, 09:20
I sent you a private message about potentially running this for you, if you are still looking.