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January 26th, 2021, 00:02
I'd really like to dedicate myself to a committed, involved group looking to have fun each week. Things are weird and sadly, times being as they are, some of my groups have broken up. I'm stuck in the house and really appreciate having something to do each day, so I've decided to begin adding campaigns back, starting with Monday! Yes, I want to get a character made and myself in your game tomorrow. I don't mind joining an ongoing game if you don't mind having me, so long as I start on even footing and have my own niche to contribute.

Obviously, the easiest route to go here is D&D. I'm perfectly open to that, though I tend to have some requirements and odd ideas (I like certain races and classes, and I prefer not to start below 3rd level). Having said this, I'm not limited to D&D, or to 5th Edition in its case! If you have something else going on, please feel free to drop me a message with details. I'd love to get into a Star Wars game, anything other than the FFG rules, as just one example. There's nothing I won't at least hear out. :)

For my part, I've been playing tabletop games for 25+ years and have traveled through many campaign settings and rules systems. I've found something to like about most all of them, and all that I'd really like to do is have an enjoyable time each week with a reliable, smaller group I can get to know. I'm easy to get along with and open to working cooperatively for the betterment of the table! I'm 35 years old (soon to turn 36, eek) and physically disabled. When not gaming, I run a YouTube channel dedicated to supporting chronically ill and disabled gamers. I have great partnerships with many GMs who allow me to stream their games, which I usually play in, to educate sometimes isolated viewers about virtual tabletop as a sociable alternative to single player games.

Have a game with a spot tonight, whether it's new or an already ongoing game? I have the option of playing 2pm-5pm EST, or 7pm-11pm EST for a slightly longer option. So, the later option is still a choice for playing tonight! Give me a PM, or better yet, DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - you may have to send a friend request first due to weird Discord reasons I don't know.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Licenses: Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Availability: 2-5pm EST or 7pm-11pm EST (possibly 12am if needed)
Game System: D&D 3.5e or 5e, Star Wars (any version but FFG), open to other ideas.
Preferences: Party size around 4-5 total, starting level 3rd and flexibility with race/class in the case of D&D 5e, long term (even multiyear) game, weighting more toward RP without eliminating mechanics.
Contact: PM, or preferably DM on Discord at Legacy Ark Games #0725 (you may have to friend me first because Discord is odd)

January 29th, 2021, 16:26
We have a bi-weekly Monday game with open slots. See the post on Pool of Radiance The Next Generation if your Mondays are open regularly.