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January 20th, 2021, 00:37
Hey Vaesen Community!

I am getting ready to run the mysteries in "A Wicked Secret" and spent a little time getting some parcels put together for my players so they can select the starting equipment they want for their archetypes during our session 0. I've exported these parcels for you to use in your games as a simple module.

Once you load the module in your game, you'll have a variety of options under the "Parcels" section in Fantasy Grounds for easy drag and drop of the base equipment. For this, I chose to make multiple parcels per archetype to account for the options that the players are presented with (e.g. the Academic can choose between a book collection or map book as well as between liquor or a slide rule).

This is flagged as a player module, so anyone that connects can load it and utilize it.

I'm considering doing a simple "all-in-one" for each Archetype as well where players would simply remove the excess items from their sheet, but I felt that this path was the easiest for my players.
Enjoy and happy gaming!

Edit: I should also mention that I noticed a few things that I corrected with this module:
1) There was no "rifle" item, so I created one and added it to the parcels.
2) Slide rule is listed as "Side rule" in the Vaesen - Player Section.
3) Crystal Ball is spelt with an additional "L" (Crystall ball) in the Vaesen - Player Section.
4) There is no walking stick in the Vaesen Core Rules that I could find, so I just reskinned a Quarterstaff as a walking stick for the Vagabond

January 20th, 2021, 15:59
Wow, thanks AlaskanFalcon. That is really useful. I will be trying this out later today.

May 15th, 2022, 22:52
Hmmm.. Just loaded it up but it is empty? Did one of the recent updates break it? I don't actually see a way to create parcels in the ruleset.