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January 16th, 2021, 19:59
Freshly starting campaigns!

Pick your campaign!
Starting players on these offers can aggree on a module or campaign and I'm going to run it for them!
Modules and Campaigns I'm willing to run are:

Curse of Strahd - The classic rendition of Ravenloft in 5th edition. Critically acclaimed horror fantasy.

Rime of the Frostmaiden - Venture to Icewind Dale and try to break the land free of the grip of Auriel while trying to survive in this harsh landscape.

Tomb of Annihilation - Explore the jungle of Chult and fight savage monsters in this unforgiving green hell, just to unravel the secrets of the famed tomb of the archlich Acererak!

Out of the Abyss - The sinister Drow have captured you. Try to escape their shackles and flee from the most inhospitable places of all: The Underdark! Just make sure to not run into the demon lords that stirr in the darkness. Sounds like a cake walk, right?

Birthright - The AD&D 2E setting reimaged for 5th edition. Do you got what it takes as a group to rule a feudal realm? What kind of rulers will you be? Benevolent caretakers, cut-throat opportunists or savage tyrants? The continent of Cerila is your oyster.

Glimmvale - My own homebrew setting. A classic feudal medieval fantasy world ripe for heroes to put their mark on. Glimmvale was once a prosperous kingdom, but after internal struggles the throne is vacant, waiting for an heir to claim it. All the while the different duchies and counties try to gain more power. As if this is not enough, the orcs in the west are gathering under a new Il-Khan, temples are found burned to the ground and the senneshall of Falconreach has deposed the steward who guarded the throne of the king in waiting. This truly is a time for heroes.

About the DM
I'm playing and running tabletop games for over 25 years now. I'm what is usually described as the 'forever DM'. But I enjoy running games and present players with challenges to grow from. I have to admit that i've got an old school streak and that is reflected in my houserules as well. In my games life is cheap, not all encounters have your level and survival is harsh. My games are always sandboxy and always about player agency, once the stage is set. My strength is that I can roll with the punches and improvise, run entire sessions by the seat of my pants. You've got a weird idea or plan. You want me to include your backstory into the campain? I'm your man.
I love it when players surprise me with wicked plans and i usually run a high risk-high reward game. Unique magic items? check. Memorable NPCs? check. Funny voices? Only if you insist.

Timeslots and seats available:
All games are weekly and usually run for 3-4 hours each

Tuesday 7PM UTC/2PM EST 2/6 lots taken (mostly interested in homebrew. Nothing settled yet)
Wednesday 7PM UTC/2PM EST 4/6 slots taken (settled on Tomb of Annihilation)
Friday 12AM UTC/7PM EST 2/6 lots taken (mostly interested in homebrew. Nothing settled yet)

Timeslots will launch once a timeslot has 4 or more players in it. A timeslot will launch with a proper session zero or directly when characters got prepared upfront (players choice)

Content available to players in this campaign:
Players Handbook
Volo's Guide to Monsters
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Swordcoast Adventure's Guide
Fith edition Feats by TPK Games

I will make additional use of the following books (among others sources)
Dungeon Master's Guide
Monster Manual
Tome of Beasts
Strongholds and Followers

All my houserules, exclusions of the listings above and homebrew content will be made available to you in a PDF below.

Pay to Play Disclaimer
This game is pay to play at a rate of $15 per session per player. Alternatively: $50 per month or 120 for three months in advance. All payable via Paypal.
Smiteworks is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
* Session 0 is free of charge. (Session 0 refers to the creation of your character or the literal session zero at the establishment of the game.)
* Payment has to be done prior to the session or in advance for the entire month or three months, payable prior to the first session of that month.
* Sessions will be held when the majority of the players are present or if at least 3 players are present, whichever is more. If a session has to be postponed, because of lack of players or because of the DM not being able to make that session: no one has to pay for that session or use up session credit for said session.
* If a player cannot make a session, they do not have to pay for that session or do not use up session credit. However their character will not generate XP in that session, even if the character is steered by the DM or other players. (The player not partaking can of course state if they want their character to stick back, have them steered by the DM or steered by another player for that session).
* Refunds. Players leaving the campaign can of course recieve full refund of their remaining session credit.
* __Important__ While this is a pay to play campaign, we are all still under the universal unwritten social contract between players and DM. Also known as: I the DM will provide a genuine Dungeons and Dragons experience and you agree to not be an annoying s**t to me or the other players. We all want to have fun here and if a player turns out to be not a good fit for the game, I reserve the right to remove them from the game (with refunds, if applicable of course), after all other options have been exhausted. Just remember Wheaton's law guys.
* Of course applicants can have the chance to listen in to the game, or one of my other games, to get a feel for my DMing style, prior to signing up.

What do you get

* A fully invested and experienced DM
* Custom photoshopped tokens for your character, if necessary (i have a huge selection)
* Proper monster tokens in the game.
* Fantasy grounds Ultimate License. Demo License on your part is sufficient.
* Carefully selected soundtrack to bring that immersion home.
* Access to my own Discord and our own campaign channel within, but also to meet up with other players and friends of me who play and played with me.

What some of my players said about me

"A fun DM with loads of creativity" - Ben K.

"He's the type of DM that takes you on an epic journey, where your really feel you've earned every little bit of it" - Mike M.

"One of my first online DMs, and a very experienced one at that! Everything will be 100% perfectly fine and safe" - Brandon F.

"Enthusiastic and invested DM. Lot's of fun. Just don't trust him when he says everything is perfectly fine and safe" - Eden S.

"One of the best people you could ever ask for when it comes to running games. Kalle's style of running games greatly revolves around player decisions and choice, and combines concequences and rewards in a way that is seamless and fair. Providing immersive adventures with colorful humor, he's one of the best people I've ever rolled dice with." Ostie M.

If I could perk your interest and/or you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below. Also state what timeslot you would like to partake in, which campaign is your fav and which would be a no-go.