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January 10th, 2021, 22:35
[PAID] LFP 5E D&D / Cthulhu mash up GMT-5 Fridays

Cost: 10$ per year (which I use to purchase tokens and maps)

FG License: Ultimate (you only need the demo version)
Time Zone: i.e. Eastern Time USA
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly game on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. for 2.5 hours
Term: ongoing, with the first session to be Jan. 15th
Voice: yes, Discord
Game System: 5E D&D Rule set
Experience required? No. I will teach everything.

We will be playing the Ghoul Island adventure path written by Sandy Peterson (the author of Call of Cthulhu). This adventure is written for classic 5E D&D. However, I have replaced all of the player content with material inspired by Fantasy Flight's Cthulhu-themed board games such as Arkham Horror. The player material mostly came from 5E Amazing Adventures by Troll Lord games with some content replaced, as I felt it was too much classic D&D and not enough Arkham Horror.

If you want to join, reply below or send me a private message.

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January 30th, 2021, 09:57
We are still looking for one more player.

February 5th, 2021, 22:03