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June 1st, 2007, 15:24
Version 2.0.12

The "/reload" command with no parameters now reloads the ruleset only. To reload both the ruleset and data, use "/reload all".
Fixed a bug with string control scrolling.
Fixed a bug causing host only tokens to appear in the client token box
Fixed an issue causing individually scaled tokens to be offset from the position displayed when moved.
Fixed an issue turning strings such as "1d6" into numbers in the script registries.
Fixed a bug preventing list items being properly sorted in some cases.
Fixed a bug with desktop panel graphic refreshes preventing hover frames from working properly in some cases.
Fixed a bug that occasionally caused token values to be exported into modules incorrectly.
Clarified module display on clients. The client module list will now only show modules with client data.
Fixed a bug causing the opening of sheets with common module data to occasionally fail.d20 ruleset build 11

Assigning the turn to a PC identity will now cause a bell on the player client.
Fixed an issue with hot key descriptions from module index lists: Hot keys pointing to the class description pages are now properly labeled.
Fixed an issue with rule module reference text pages causing the link icon to refer to a story page view.
Disabled new item creation on special ability mini sheets. Creating entries via the mini sheet did not cause entries to be displayed on the mini sheet list.
Total skill bonuses such as knowledge and craft now show then secondary label as well, e.g. "Knowledge (religion)".
Fixed an error occurring when exporting modules with entries not belonging to a category.Updated Ruleset Files


June 1st, 2007, 17:54

June 1st, 2007, 20:56
The bell will be nice. That's one thing I hate about irc gaming. You can't smack the person upside the head when they don't take their action quickly enough. :p Is there any chance of getting built in support for assigning sounds to custom key settings that can be sent to the players?