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December 23rd, 2020, 05:37
Campaign Setting

5e D&D Faerun 1486 DR

Synopsis: We will be starting with the Tyranny of Dragons adventure and progressing through all the hardcover books with their accompanying Adventurers League quests. Some side quests from DMs Guild + original content will be included. The intent is for you to keep your character from start to end. We will not be rolling new characters when we start a new book.


Epsisode 1 will be January 24,2021 from 1pm ET (UTC-4) to 1500 or 1600 depending on where we can find a stopping place. The players are currently interested in bi-weekly games with individual downtime activities done via text.

FG Version:

FGU Ultimate. No license needed by players.

Type of Players:

This is a Campaign. We are actively seeking players who will make it to a majority of sessions. One shot players are welcome to ďdrop inĒ

The Pillars

Exploration: Med-High

Role Play: High

Combat: Low-Med

Permitted Characters:

We do not require Adventurerís Legue (AL) Rules As Written (RAW). All character components from any 5EWotC publication are allowed. 5E WotC UA classified as Play Test is allowed, but I will need to code the character class in FG.

You may roll up a character of your own, or use D&D Beyond and the FG Importer, or you may use one of our Pregen characters that interests you.

Books/Modules/Extensions Available (VTT or PDF):

The following books will be available for players to review in Fantasy Grounds. If you own any of the PDFs and want to create a character from a DMs Guild publication that will be allowed with advance notice. We will also have content from Legacy of the Crystal Shard and Storm Kings Thunder enabled since there is lore and some overlap in locations in these sources.

Rob 2E Effects

Syrinscape SuperSyrin

Syrinscape chat triggers

Shops Extension

Coin Converter Extension

Players Handbook

Swordcoast Adventure's Guide

Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Volo's Guide to Monsters

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Acquisitions Incorporated

Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

Epic Characters

Faiths of the Forgotten Realms I

Urban Archetypes

Darkhold Secrets of the Zhentarim

Calimshan Adventurers Guide

Other Materials:

Campaign handout, house rules, and episode recaps will be provided via link after joining the table.


We donít use alignment as a game mechanic. Your character and NPCs are all individuals acting in their individual, societal, guild, religious, etc. Best interest. Your character wonít be penalized for inconsistent behavior to an alignment. If you want to be evil or good all the time that is up to you. If you're evil before you've had your morning coffee then welcome aboard!


Voice and Text will be necessary. Bi-Weekly voice sessions will be live group session. In between adventures downtime will take place in a play by mail format (not real time). You can relax and wait for the next voice session or have your PC or loyal NPCs do simple side quests or tasks to increase your wealth and influence. Webcams are optional. Players who have already reserved are not interested in using them. Privacy and anonymity will be respected if you donít want your true names or faces revealed.

Recording, Podcasting, Livestreaming:

DM reserves the right to record the audio session and video record the FG program to produce a text based recap that will become part of the adventurers journal distributed to the party. No livestreaming or podcasting unless the players want to go public.


$15/live session via StartPlaying. You may book a session here and enter your payment information. The reservation system automatically cuts off after the max number of players have reserved a seat. Check the reservation system for seat availability. You will be billed within 24 hours of game time. I do not have the ability to cancel or issue refunds after you are billed.


About the DM:

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PM here for further questions