View Full Version : How play mouse guard/ burning wheel in Fantasy Grounds

December 20th, 2020, 23:27
Here's what I did with mouse guard.
Step1: character sheet: just create your sections then and drag and drop your die corresponding to your rank.
Step 2: Cards! create an image for your playmat. then create images for all of the cards and one for the back of the cards. don't bother creating PC's/NPC's for the cards but import the cards as tokens. Drag and drop the tokens so you have at least seven of each of the attack, defend, maneuver, feint cards stacked up on top of each other. place 6 of the backs of the cards in the middle in three columns two rows. The DM goes first as he can hide what they are doing. The DM then leaves for a minute (or until they get a ready signal from the players). Then players drag and drop their chosen cards over the allocated card backs then simply click the cards to hide them bringing the backs of the cards in view over top of them.