View Full Version : Some errors found in console and script failure

December 15th, 2020, 19:35
When looking at the combat tab on a player sheet, the console posts a few ruleset warnings dealing with static height being ignored for bonus_label, damage_label, and special_label.
While those are easily ignored unless you have the console open, the bigger one is the special field on items. If a person double clicks on a skill entry in the item sheet, it will trigger a red "Script Error: (string "scripts/action_statroll.lua":57: attempt to concatenate local 'modifierString' (a nil value).
On reloading FG to capture a clean screenshot of the console, it threw a "Ruleset Warning: Font (): Windows replaced specified font face (invisible) with (Invisible).

December 15th, 2020, 22:49
Hi Seabvharin, thank you for reporting those.

The static height seems leftover from the previous layout that I didn't remove. Since it is not breaking anything, except informing that control is ignored, I will clean up those in the next release. I am not able to reproduce the Ruleset warning in FGC or Unity unfortunately, if you can do it let me know how.

The script error is interesting finding. In general it works as intended (i.e. it doesn't) except that it throws error :) Skills in Special field are used when the item is equipped by PCs (and some for NPSs) and were never meant to be rolled directly as there is no way to form dice pool. We will look into disabling this or having chat report instead of error.

December 16th, 2020, 00:01
Just doing my bit to make this the best it can be.
The font error showed up in classic (haven't tested unity) if I used the /reload command with the console already up.