View Full Version : [PAID] [LFP] Pathfinder 1e Custom sandbox campaign 'Stemming the Tide'

December 7th, 2020, 20:30
Destruction on a scale the Material Plane has rarely seen, has exploded upon it's surfaces taking hundreds of thousands of lives in a single night, forever altering the terrain of the world. And in the midst of all this death, the seeds of greater reaping have been sown. For among the denizens of these ravaged lands, the Harbingers have chosen their avatars, and they have arisen.

FG License: Unity Ultimate
Game System: Pathfinder 1e, Mythic rules, hero points, skill unlocks, Epic levels (optional), Kingdom building (optional), Massive damage rules (tweaked to scale with max health rather than flat 50HP, optional), called shots (optional)

Time Zone: Mountain Canada/US
Day of week and time: Thursdays @ Noon MST
Planned start date: Once a group is ready to play
Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly 4-6hr sessions based on number of players.
Term: Long term, potentially eternal
Price: As there will likely be a lot of custom design on the fly I am aiming for $15/player/session, but this is not set in stone.

Text or Voice: Prefer to use discord for voice to complement text in FG
Voice software used: FG Unity and discord for voice.
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? I may record for personal records, but I will not post anything anywhere.

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 to 25/75 depending on player feedback
Number of Players in game & needed: 4+ (The better people know their characters and the smoother their turns go, the more I can accommodate.)
Character starting level & equipment: 2nd level; 25 pt buy, 2 traits(plus extras with drawbacks/flaws); 1000GP starting wealth;
Character restrictions: ANY official content on D20pfsrd.com or aonprd.com; No 3.5 DND conversions.

Many of Golarion's most prominent nations have been hit with devastating forces. What appeared to be several coincidental events has been discovered to be a massive, co-ordinated, and widely varied attack upon all of Golarion. Several forces have collected to face this new terrifying foe, but little is known about them. The party is recruited to investigate and do what they can to stem the tides of horrors marching across the lands.

Link to Game Calendar page: TBD

If interested post the following in this topic, with how it relates to you:
Experience with Discord/Fantasy Grounds:
Experience with Pathfinder 1e/tabletop RPG's in general:
Timeslot availability:
Which optional rules you would like to use (and any requests for others I may have missed):
If you know what kind of player type you are (player types (http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/theory/models/robinslaws.html)):

Current Interest/party:
Sephiir: Half-orc barbarian (Armored Hulk archetype)
Jenndifurry: Aasimar bard (Arrowsong Minstrel archetype)

This will be my first Fantasy Grounds campaign. Any feedback on either the gaming or this post would be appreciated. Please DM me.