View Full Version : Aliens of Charted Space Vol 1

December 6th, 2020, 17:22
Hi Folks,

Picked this back up this evening. On Sundays along with listening to the Formula 1, and playing DnD later I tend to continue with conversions. Scripting work is for the week.

So when you convert a book there are a few stages to it, here's a breakdown:

Text Conversion - Includes all chapters/sub-chapters/headings and paragraphs [DONE]
Images - clipped to size, compressed and edited to merge with background if required [DONE]
Data - Spacecraft, Equipment (Armour, Weapons etc), Skills, Psionic Talents, Races/Aliens, Tables
Additional - Decals etc [DONE]
Internal Testing - If available Lord Nanoc goes through everything.....
With SmiteWorks - SmiteWorks testing and image work, Steam links and final reviews

Going to add a thread for each book so it saves people asking where we are.

Any questions about just this book then please ask away here.