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November 29th, 2020, 08:28
Hello guys,

my group is playing a sort of 'heavily modded' version of pathfinder rpg: there are a lot of home rules, one of them is about how you calculate damage. Long story short, you have to subtract the attacker roll (d20+modifiers) from the the defender roll (d20+modifiers): the difference, if positive, is equal to the hit points you do to your opponent. Is there a way in Morecore to automatically calculate the difference between the last two rolls that appear in the chat field? The purpose of this system was to concentrate attack roll and damage roll in one single shot with a maximum damage cap, but the fact is doing maths all the time is getting boring :)

Any suggestions? Thx!

November 29th, 2020, 08:53
Welcome MrKraken

There is no MoreCore roll currently that does that.
Not only that - but there is no way to guarantee that no one else drops a roll in between.
Im working on a side project that works similarly in that the two protagonists roll skill and the higher one hits.
To make this work I auto roll for the defenders and declare the result.

At least one issue I can see in this (because it has come up for me) what if you are attacking two Owl Bears - or more accurately two Owl Bears are attacking you? Do you suddenly get two attacks because you have two opponents?

And then on the balance side of things - if you get into a fight with someone stronger than you, you might never damage them because its either they do damage or you do damage - whereas in normal D&D/PF you can both do damage to each other.

November 29th, 2020, 10:54
Thanks for your reply m8.

Well, it's a pity MoreCore won't consider chat rolls results as normal numbers to take into account when it's needed in order to calculate other rolls results. I'm not a programmer, but i think it shouldn't be too complex to include chat numbers as normal variables in a macro (the only problem i see is how to choose among several numbers reported, but a string that provides counting and ordering them the way you want should do the work). About the two Owl Bears, either i didn't clearly explain how our system works or i can't see the problem. In a turn based combat, whenever you want to attack an enemy, you have an attack roll and the enemy (i.e. the Owl Bear) has a defend roll that has to be rolled right after the attacker's one. You say what if there are two Owl Bears? Well, supposing the attack order determined by initative roll is O1, O2, PG, you have the following scenario: O1 goes first and rolls his attack versus PG. Right after, PG rolls his defense (he can only do defense roll, any other action is not allowed 'till the PG turn); O2 rolls his attack and PG rolls his defense again; in the PG's turn he can choose to attack O1 or O2 or flee combat, cast a spell, do a move action etc. If PG choose to attack either O1 or O2, both of them have a defense roll if attacked. In short, instead of a static armor class, we have introduced a dynamic defensive value (d20+defensive modifiers given by armor, shield, Dexterity mod. and so on).

November 29th, 2020, 13:11
You can crack open MoreCore and have a go at writing a new roll. Lots of examples within.