View Full Version : Movement/Actions question

Booker Grimm
November 26th, 2020, 16:10
Could someone just clarify this rule for me please?

Do most aliens really get to act twice in a combat round? For example two slow and two fast actions per round, if their speed is 2?
That seems really bad news for the PCs!

- Booker

November 26th, 2020, 16:41
Hey Booker. You are right, it is bad news for the PC's.
With a speed of 2 they get two draws in the initiative count. So they might go at 3 and 7. Each count they can do a fast and slow or two fast actions per point of speed.
So in theory, they can take one of their turns to run up to a poor Roughneck, crossing two zones, and then on their second turn, go into engaged range, then roll their custom attack table.
They are absolutely deadly.

Booker Grimm
November 26th, 2020, 18:54
Yeah, deadly. Thank you. I thought I must have read it wrong.